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  • Business Directory
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Email Hosting
  • Professional Antivirus
  • ERP/CRM system
  • APP Development - Android/iOS
  • Professional Photography





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The SIMS team, has a solid preparation and research and applied experience in the fields of technology and communications, essential for companies in the Information Age: Digital Marketing, Web Design, HOSTING, CLOUD HOSTING, DOMAINS, E-mail Hosting, E-mail Marketing, CRM (Customer Management), App Development, all this technology fully adapted in the NUBE, significantly reducing the investment of our customers in physical infrastructure.
Our experience in the preparation, execution and management of projects in the different branches of the industry, allows us to face with guarantees new projects and face with optimism our challenge of being in our industry the leading company in Honduras.
Trust your project in us, we are the best in our industry.

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